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Elkem Partners with MCassab to Introduce Its Latest Innovations at FCE Cosmetique

Published on 2024-05-24. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Elkem Partners with MCassab to Introduce Its Latest Innovations at FCE CosmetiqueElkem will be partnering with MCassab to introduce its latest innovations, including a bio-based carrier performance silicone, an elastomeric water-in-silicone(oil) emulsifier, and many other creative formulation concepts at FCE Cosmetique at the São Paulo Expo Center in Brazil June 4-6, 2024, at booth I001.

New Products that will be at Display

Elkem's new products will take center stage. PURESIL™ ESG 01 is a multifunctional silicone elastomer that enhances the texture, sensory experience, and stability of many personal care products. It enables the creation of lightweight, translucent formulas with a refreshing water-burst experience.

And MIRASIL™ N-DML 15 is a blend of high molecular weight dimethiconol gum in a bio-based carrier that provides a range of functional benefits such as sensory enhancement, conditioning, and frizz control for a broad range of personal care applications. Its highly renewable content makes it ideal for creating sustainable products without compromising performance.

Elkem will also be discussing innovative products such as the award-winning eco-designed PURESIL ORG series and the versatile alkyl silicone series. The Elkem and MCassab teams look forward to hosting you while discussing how these products and their expertise can help customers create sustainable, high-performance personal care products.

Source: Elkem

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