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Dow Presented Its Bio-derived Ingredients & Inclusive Formulations at in-cosmetics

Published on 2023-04-06. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Dow Presented Its Bio-derived Ingredients & Inclusive Formulations at in-cosmetics Dow (NYSE: Dow) presented its latest innovative ingredients at in-cosmetics Global 2023 in Barcelona, Spain, from March 28-30 (booth N90). The new product launches, including the debut of the ECOllaboration 2.0 Concepts Collection, celebrate one of the largest portfolios in the personal care industry that focuses on sustainable and high-performance solutions.

Commitment to Delivering Cutting-edge & Bio-based Ingredients

This year, Dow went beyond the traditional trade show experience. During a live formulation masterclass on March 29 at 12:30 p.m. in Lab 2, customers could collaborate with Dow scientists to learn how to create an innovative cream-gel using bio-based ingredients, MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer and EcoSmooth™ Rice Husk Cosmetic Powder. The formulation provided skin illumination while keeping your natural skin tone. Its experts guided visitors through the formulation process, shared their expertise, gave hands-on tips, and showcased sustainable formulation practices.

The latest product launches span across a range of beauty care applications, including skin care, hair care, sun care, and color cosmetics. The ECOllaboration 2.0 Concepts Collection emphasized Dow’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, bio-based ingredients that feature pioneering formats and inspiring formulations. With a natural origin content of 90% and above, these products are crafted with a distinct emphasis on diversity & inclusion. The collection embraces ageless, gender-neutral products while focusing on beauty accessibility.

Dow’s new launches and featured products include:

  • EcoSense™ APP-5000 Formulation Aid: This emulsifier is bio-based and requires a lower use level than the existing emulsifiers in the market. It supports consumer demand for natural formulations, 100% renewable material, and upcycling. It can be used in a variety of skin care, body care, hair care, and solid deodorant products. This product will be featured at the show’s Innovation Zone
  • EcoSense™ APP-1000 Surfactant: Nature-derived surfactant that offers effective cleansing properties with excellent foam profile and improved foam stability. Applications include rinse-off hair care, delivering long-lasting color protection, as well as a face wash and body wash
  • EcoSense™ GL-60 HL Surfactant and EcoSense™ GL-60 HA Surfactant: These two sophorolipid bio-surfactants create highly desirable mild cleansing products for shampoo, face wash, body wash, and leave-on products like body lotion. These products will be featured at the show’s Sustainability Corner
  • DEXCARE ™ CD-1 Polymer: A new, 2023 BIG™ Innovation Award-winning bio-derived deposition aid to boost the shampoo’s conditioning effectiveness, allowing for increased versatility and improving the natural content of formulations. This product will be showcased at the show’s Innovation Zone
  • DOWSIL™ EL-9341 Silicone Elastomer Blend: A new, low-cyclic silicone elastomer gel that provides a silky, smooth feel and optical benefits

Additionally, Dow relaunched the following key ingredients, which are now listed in the catalogue of cosmetic ingredients in China:

The products featured in the masterclass:

  • MaizeCare™ Clarity Polymer: A unique cold water-dispersible, corn-derived bio-based, and biodegradable polymer that acts as a film-former and gives long-lasting performance
  • EcoSmooth™ Rice Husk Cosmetic Powder: This white silica is obtained from rice agriculture by-product feedstock. It provides multifunctional skin benefits such as soft focus, sebum absorption, and sensorial benefits

We continue to expand our offering with new highly performing bio-derived and bio-degradable ingredients. In this way, brands can deliver their promise to consumers to delight them with formulations that are gentle on the skin, hair, and the environment. With our six new launches, we are further strengthening our promise to accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon, circular economy.” said Isabel Almiro do Vale, global strategic market director of Dow Personal Care.

As we continue to expand and broaden our portfolio, we rely on our deep scientific expertise, marketers, and trusted partnership teams to cater to the various demands of customers. We remain devoted to sustainability and inclusion providing ingredients customers can trust, and believe in.”

Dow experts and scientists were available at in-cosmetics Global 2023 to discuss high-performing technologies, bio-based innovative materials, and the fresh, inspiring formulations developed to bring industry-leading ideas to life.

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