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DEINOVE’s New Natural Radiance Booster Provides Blue Light Protection

Published on 2020-04-28. Author : SpecialChem

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DEINOVE_Luminity_SkinDEINOVE has announced the official launch of Luminity®, its second proprietary cosmetic active ingredient. A concentrate of neurosporene, an extremely rare carotenoid, Luminity® contributes to skin vitality and provides blue light protection.

Luminity®: Antioxidant and Cell Energizer

A patented innovation, Luminity® is a 100 percent natural active ingredient produced by a sustainable sugar fermentation process, and made in France. Luminity® acts as an antioxidant, a cell energizer and a radiance booster. Combining protective, modulating and stimulating properties with efficacy levels, Luminity®’s value proposition is to maximize the natural beneficial effects of light, while protecting the skin from its harmful effects.

"Since the Luminity® preview last November, we have been actively preparing for the market launch of our second proprietary active. We are relying on robust clinical data that validate the action of Luminity® on several highly innovative cosmetic dimensions," said Coralie MARTIN, marketing manager at DEINOVE.

At the edge of the visible light spectrum, blue light has a higher wavelength than UV light and penetrates deeper into the skin, causing insidious damage to the epidermis, and in particular the appearance of dark spots.

While skin radiance is becoming a major issue in the anti-aging segment, Luminity® offers a positive solution, both protective and stimulating, of the link to light.

Clinical Data Shows Luminity® Revitalizes Skin

Luminity® helps to regulate skin responses to light, preserve and resynchronize the biological clock ("circadian rhythm") and improve metabolic flexibility via several mechanisms:

  • Revitalizes skin and reduces dark circles and signs of fatigue.
  • Improves the radiance and promotes even skin tone by inhibiting the synthesis and transport of melanin. Dark spots are also reduced.
  • Protects skin cells against blue light and reduces skin redness.

The effects of Luminity® have been validated by robust in vitro, ex vivo and clinical data. These properties pave the way for various cosmetic applications.

As a metabolic intermediate of the formation of lycopene from phytoene, neurosporene is a carotenoid rarely found in nature. DEINOVE has managed to optimize and increase the endogenous production of neurosporene by Deinococcus geothermalis. Delivered in a concentrated form, it is now available for cosmetic formulation.

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