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BASF Launches Plant-based Alternative to Animal Keratin at in-cosmetics Global

Published on 2023-03-29. Edited By : SpecialChem

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BASF Launches Plant-based Alternative to Animal Keratin at in-cosmetics GlobalAt in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona, BASF Personal Care debuts Kerasylium™, a new hair care ingredient to help repair damaged hair and to protect it from daily aggressions.

External influences such as environmental aggressions, lifestyle, and styling routines can cause the proteins in our hair to wear out and become depleted. Hair becomes dry, dull and brittle.

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Upcycled Plant Extract with Proven Efficacy

Kerasylium™ is a micro-complex, rich in peptides and containing nutrients. The peptides exhibit an amino acid composition similar to that of keratin, a protein naturally present in the hair, which ensures its resistance and elasticity.

Many cosmetic manufacturers rely on keratin for their hair care products because it helps to repair the hair from the inside out. However, the keratin-based ingredients that are usually used in hair treatments are of animal origin. We wanted to change that, so we developed Kerasylium™, a plant-based alternative,” said Cécile Kalem, launch manager Europe, BASF Beauty Care Solutions France S.A.S.

Kerasylium™ is the result of upcycling milk thistle (Silybum marianum) seed cake, a by-product of milk thistle oil production. It expands BASF’s growing portfolio of active ingredients produced via circular models to conserve resources. The milk thistle used is grown in France for oil production and is based on a traceable and sustainable supply chain.

Due to its high peptide content (50-70% of the active matter), Kerasylium™ helps to prevent breakage, especially of weakened hair, through the stabilization and repair of hair keratin, making hair stronger, shinier, and softer. Moreover, comprehensive studies have shown that Kerasylium™ decreases keratin denaturation by protecting the structural proteins of the hair against oxidative stress while helping to maintain its color for longer.

Re_think Hero Ingredients

Just like biotics, hyaluronic acid, retinol, and the like, keratin ranks among the so-called “hero ingredients” that have long-standing proven efficacy and a well-known mode of action. Challenging the status quo, scientists at BASF are “rethinking” these ingredients by constantly refining them through technological progress and performance improvement, unlocking untapped potential, and developing natural alternatives.

At in-cosmetics, BASF will present some of these reinventions of popular ingredients, which, in addition to Kerasylium™, include Probiolift™, one of the first live bacteria used as a cosmetic ingredient, and Postbiolift™, the company’s new biotic solutions for healthful skin aging. The innovations pay tribute to BASF’s overarching trade fair concept Re_think, which is designed to reform, reshape and reinvent personal care. Kerasylium™ will also be on display in the Innovation Zone of the trade show.

The new hair care ingredient is just one recent example of how the company’s Care Chemicals Division is addressing future challenges. Sustainability, digitalization, innovation, and new approaches to working together are the key cornerstones to Care 360°– Solutions for Sustainable Life.

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Source: BASF

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