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Ashland Showcased AI-enabled Beauty Solutions & Wellness Trends at in-cosmetics Asia

Published on 2023-11-14. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Ashland Showcased AI-enabled Beauty Solutions & Wellness Trends at in-cosmetics AsiaAs we approach the end of 2023, there is a growing desire among individuals to embrace scientific, holistic methods for well-being on mind-body exhausted days. Ashland innovatively integrates wellness into AI-enabled beauty solutions and ushers consumers into the next chapter of daily personal care regimens.

During in-cosmetics Asia 2023, Nov. 7-9, Ashland showcased a comprehensive solution line, including skin care, hair and scalp care, oral care, and microbial protection, for initiating 2024 personal care trends.

Beauty Facial Lines Relaxer

Ashland globally launched Perfectyl™ biofunctional, which is a novel high-tech chamomile extract, developed using Zeta Fraction™ technology, driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and inspired by new aesthetic techniques for relaxing facial lines without the need for injections. Organically and sustainably sourced from the mountains in Oregon (USA), chamomile is an extraordinary medicinal herb from the pharmacopeia with well-known calming and relaxing properties. Using Ashland patented and sustainable Zeta Fraction™ technology, Ashland revealed a new side of chamomile extract for scientifically targeting skin’s beauty with exceptional composition, naturally rich in flower acids and GABA amino acid.

The younger generation of women are using more and more non-surgical aesthetic procedures to get flawless skin, and this trend is driven by social media with billions of views,” said Justine Cotton, global marketing, biofunctionals, Ashland. “Inspired by these new aesthetic practices used by GenZ and Millennials to achieve a perfect skin, Ashland has developed Perfectyl™ biofunctional to help smooth fine lines, refine enlarged pores, clarify imperfections and uneven skin, specifically pigment spots.”

Perfectyl™ biofunctional targets multiple flaws induced by external and lifestyle stresses, such as post-inflammatory-hyperpigmentation and sebum overproduction. Tested in vitro and in vivo on three skin ethnicities and four phototypes, Perfectyl™ is a multi-ethnic solution to help all complexions get clearer and more uniform. Meanwhile, Perfectyl™ biofunctional is excellent for multi-benefit products, both anti-aging and anti-flaws, which constitutes a current growing need for women with blemish-prone skin and first signs of aging.

Limit Dandruff and Scalp Irritation with Clary Sage Flowers

Sclareance™ biofunctional is extracted from Ashland’s own clary sage fields in the United States where the flowers are bio-transformed using non-GMO biotechnology. It is the second biofunctional to be developed by Ashland with AI for health and wellness in scalp care and helps reduce the appearance of dandruff to restore a healthy scalp.

“Stress can manifest on our bodies in different ways, including our scalp,” said Anne Clay, marketing and business development manager, biofunctionals, Ashland. “Consumers are increasingly seeking scalp facials to intentionally address scalp health and combat dandruff. Using white biotechnology to activate ingredients for scalp care, Ashland can amplify the efficacy of our customers’ products and applications.”

This is the second time Ashland is using artificial-based bioinformatics to predict the biological efficacy of sclareolide. The company’s solvers discovered that sclareolide could help skin activate vitamin D function and restore a healthy scalp through clinical trials on volunteers shown to visibly reduce the appearance of dandruff and contribute to the naturality and integrity of customers’ products.

Oral Beauty Care Through Gum Biology

Saffragyl™ biofunctional is a new, COSMOS-approved cosmetic solution for gum care. This 100 percent natural extract is from upcycled saffron flowers to help prevent early gum problems and strengthen sensitive and irritated gums.

Oral health (gum and teeth) is connected to overall health and well-being. Recent research has demonstrated the link between oral bacteria with age-related health disorders that go beyond gingival recession such as Alzheimer and cardiac problems. Taking care of gum health in a prevention mode should be considered as the number one strategy in our daily healthy beauty routine,” said Christophe Capallere, senior team leader, tissue engineering, toxicology in vitro and evaluation, Ashland.

Saffragyl™ helps protect the gums from signs of gingivitis in vitro. It helps protect and reinforce the gum barrier and helps limit noxious bacterial adhesion in vitro similar to chlorhexidine.

Improves Retention in the Mouth for Longer Periods

Gantrez™ soja is a nature-derived, biodegradable active delivery system for oral care that retains hydrophobic and poorly water-soluble actives on oral surfaces for long-lasting benefits. Continuous secretion and flow of saliva in the mouth can remove and deplete active agents that are left after brushing or rinsing with an oral care product. As a result, antibacterial agents only have a short period to act and provide a limited germ kill benefit, especially in hard-to-reach areas including the gum line and between teeth. Ashland’s new, nature-derived Gantrez™ soja delivery system improves the in-vitro retention and substantivity of several actives.

Today’s oral care products use a wide range of actives, from antibacterial agents to kill germs and prevent plaque, to pigments and dyes for whitening effects and to flavors for freshness,” said Ann Druffner, global marketing lead, oral care at Ashland. “Gantrez™ soja delivery system is an innovative technology that improves the retention in the mouth for longer periods to provide much-needed time for improved efficacy which leads to brighter and healthier smiles.”

Multifunctional with Extensive Skin Benefits

Phyteq™ raspberry is one multifunctional, innovative, all-in-one, liquid multifunctional blend to enable easy formulation. Designed for difficult-to-protect leave-on formulations like sunscreens and pigmented emulsions, this multifunctional provides extensive skin benefits including remarkable antioxidant and well-aging properties with readily biodegradable ingredients and wide pH applicability.

Phyteq™ raspberry series furthers Ashland’s innovations for plant-inspired, clean beauty,” said Mark Zhang, marketing manager, microbial protection and hair care, Asia, Ashland. “The phyteq™ technologies will fulfill today’s market requirements for sustainable preservation as well as multifunctional benefits. Being readily biodegradable and globally compliant, the core ingredient, raspberry ketone, builds on its already well-known associated health benefits of raspberry.”

Soften Skin from a Cleanser

Softhance™ mr, a conditioning agent harnesses the power of soy and glycerin to provide moisture retention and deliver a soft, moisturized feel to skin in body wash, facial and hand soaps, cleansers, and scrubs. This nature-derived, biodegradable, non-GMO, and vegan-suitable conditioning agent has an excellent deposition profile and imparts consumer-perceivable skin softness. Compatible with anionic and non-ionic surfactants, this new product enables clear or opaque formulations.

Join Ashland in unveiling 2024 Ashland’s personal care and wellness trends to bring innovations to consumers’ lives.

Source: Ashland

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