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Arkema to Showcase Sustainable Ingredients & Technologies at in-cosmetics Global

Published on 2023-03-28. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Arkema to Showcase Sustainable Ingredients & Technologies at in-cosmetics Global Arkema will exhibit its most recent developments at the in-cosmetics show in Barcelona, from March 28-30. Arkema offers a portfolio of first-class ingredients and technologies, addressing the more sustainable customer requirements in personal care, skin care, nail care, and hair care.

Unique Solutions for Clean beauty

Orgasol® Cosmetic Powders

Pioneer in the field of sensorial powders, Orgasol® Cosmetics powder is revolutionizing the art of formulations to transform consumer experiences in personal care. The Orgasol® product signature touch is predominantly velvety and delicately creamy. With Orgasol® Cosmetics in the formulation, you will experience the added benefits of sebum absorption, optical blurring, matte finish, and long-lasting wear while reaching unexpected textures and intense colors. Arkema will showcase new makeup and skin care formulations on the makeup bar.

Oleris® Advanced Bio-materials

Oleris® Advanced Bio-Material represents unique building blocks processed only from vegetable and renewable castor oil. The high purity and 100% linearity of Oleris® Advanced Bio-Materials are key elements for the synthesis of vegetable-based & natural cosmetic ingredients, with advanced properties like high spreadability and polarity, and with natural antimicrobial and cleansing emulsifying functions.

Sartomer® Materials

Sartomer® product line comprises specialty acrylate and methacrylate monomers, oligomers, and photoinitiators that enable our customers to meet their goals in innovation and sustainability. They propose, for nail care, non-skin sensitizing labeled liquid resin solutions to be used in base, color, and top coats, UV/LED gel polish, and builder gel formulations with superior performance to achieve long-lasting, easy removal and good wear.

ThioGlycolic Acid

Also called Mercaptoacetic acid, Thioglycolic Acid is a high-performance chemical containing mercaptan and carboxylic acid functionalities, completely miscible in water and in general polar organic solvents. The salts of Thioglycolic Acid along with some of its esters are used in the formulation of perms and for the preparation of depilatory creams. TGA is the most powerful reducing agent and the best-tolerated mercaptans by human skin.

Rheostyl™ Product Line

Water-borne polymers to develop sun care, skin care, colored cosmetics, and hygiene formulas with unique textures. Rheostyl™ E polymeric emulsifiers bring specifically a unique solution for “clean beauty”, allowing the design of minimalist formulas thanks to the unique properties including water resistance. They allow flexible and performing formulation without the need for heating or high shear - thus limiting energy consumption.

Furthermore, with a new mass balance offer, Arkema can propose polymers with a bio-attributed origin, allowing a reduction of the carbon footprint of cosmetic formulations. This mass balance approach is a drop-in solution without performance compromise.

Visit booth AF60 to talk with Arkema’s team of experts and discover its range of solutions dedicated to cosmetics.

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