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SHISEIDO Shares Views on Prominent Trends at in-cosmetics Korea 2023

Published on 2023-07-14. Edited By : SpecialChem

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SHISEIDO Shares Views on Prominent Trends Sweeping Industry at in-cosmetics KoreaThe in-cosmetics Korea team sat down with SHISEIDO, to discuss the most prominent trends sweeping the industry, its market predictions for the future, and what visitors can expect to see at this year’s event.

Insights on Formulations, J-Beauty Trends & Sustainability

Yukari Ichikawa, regional manager, Technical Information Innovation Development at SHISEIDO Asia Pacific Innovation Centre hosted a session titled: ‘Emergence of eye wrinkles can be controlled: Next-generation anti-aging strategy based on new biomechanical findings’ in the Marketing Trends Theatre on Wednesday 12 July, from 13:00.

In this interview, she unveils SHISEIDO's insights on formulations, J-Beauty trends, sustainability, and more.

Ichikawa started her career with the SHISEIDO Global Innovation Centre in Japan as a chemist. She developed new formulas for base make-up products for multiple brands which have earned her multiple beauty awards. She is currently the regional manager of SHISEIDO Asia Pacific Innovation Centre in Singapore, responsible for creating localized technical information targeted towards the specific needs of consumers in the APAC region.

Q: What prominent trends are you seeing in ingredients and formulations?

A: In Japan, we’re experiencing a growing interest in ingredients and formulations that are highly functional and highly effective, yet safe.

Consumer knowledge and understanding of cosmetic technologies and ingredients is certainly growing, and because consumers have a good understanding of functionality and effectiveness, this in turn makes them increasingly discerning when it comes to their cosmetic choices.

As a company that leads the Japanese cosmetics industry, we believe it is our mission to continue to provide products that exceed consumer expectations and to continue to innovate in terms of ingredients and formulations.

Q: What are the most prominent trends you are seeing in the wider consumer market, and how is this reflected in your work?

A: Consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability, which ties in with SHISEIDO’s commitment to working strategically on various environmental initiatives.

In fact, we are continuing to reduce our environmental footprint by taking action across three key areas:

  • We are working towards being carbon neutral by 2026
  • We will reduce our water consumption by 40% by 2026
  • We achieved zero waste to landfill by 2022
  • We expect to have achieved 100% sustainable packaging by 2025

Additionally, we are using innovation to minimize the environmental impact of our products and are committed to disclosing our policies on new product development. This includes conducting research and development with the aim of achieving sustainability, while also meeting consumers’ expectations of premium elements - such as satisfaction with the efficacy and textures of cosmetics, which can be difficult to achieve at the same time.

For example, we have utilized the outcomes of our research in collaboration with external research institutes to develop sunscreens that take into consideration the impact on coral colonies, while maintaining conventional UV protection and texture. We are continuing to work closely with our suppliers to procure raw materials with more consideration for environmental protection, biodiversity, and human rights.

Q: Which beauty trends are you seeing in Japan specifically, and how do these differ from those in other APAC regions, such as K-Beauty and C-Beauty?

A: In Japan, there are a lot of products that have excellent functionality while also strongly appealing to the senses. For instance, feeling comfortable on the skin. At SHISEIDO, Kansei (senses and psychology) science research is one of our key strengths and something we are focused on.

At SHISEIDO, we are continually taking on the challenge of scientifically investigating phenomena that are difficult to quantify, such as the changes in feelings and behavior that can be prompted by cosmetic products and services.

In addition, Japanese cosmetic companies are committed to delivering “Japan quality”, in which attention to detail is paramount. For instance, we pay close attention to developing products that not only have a comfortable product texture but also tactile packaging in terms of the lid/cap closure.

Q: Anti-aging, protecting skin barriers, and sensitive skin are growing trends globally. What part is SHISEIDO playing in these trends?

A: SHISEIDO is committed to offering value to consumers by quickly discovering their key skin concerns and finding solutions. We take pride in the pioneering research and product development we have conducted for these trends in particular.

For example, we began research into sensitive skin in 1971, meaning we have more than 50 years of dedicated research in this area. And we have not stopped there. In recent years, we have analyzed the bacterial flora in sensitive skin, making insightful discoveries. As for SHISEIDO products for sensitive skin, we have produced the No. 1 product in the Japanese market for more than 10 years and continue to have a loyal customer base.

Q: What can in-cosmetics attendees expect to learn from SHISEIDO in its session at the show?

A: We are confident that visitors will find that SHISEIDO creates and provides reliable, genuine value based on scientific evidence underpinned by its advanced research and development capabilities.

Currently, we have approximately 1,200 researchers involved in R&D, all engaged in basic research, product development, and safety evaluations. We accurately grasp the concerns and needs of consumers and continue to develop mechanisms and solutions that meet their needs.

We conduct our own research and sometimes collaborate with external research institutes and our research outcomes have won an overwhelming number of awards at international academic conferences for cosmetic technology.

At this event, we intend to introduce some very interesting research findings on wrinkles, and event visitors to SHISEIDO will see we are proposing consumer products and services based on solid evidence.

Q: How is SHISEIDO utilizing technology for its products and services?

A: In our research and development, we have a professional department that works with each brand to ensure that the technology and knowledge we create through our research are effectively delivered via our products to the consumers who need them.

For example, SHISEIDO's representative anti-aging agent, pure retinol, is a key ingredient for some brand products, depending on that brand’s target audience and value proposition.

Q: What will be the biggest trends in the next 5-10 years?

A: As stated in SHISEIDO's management vision of becoming a Personal Beauty Wellness Company, we have further expanded our focus from cosmetics to inner beauty, ingestible, and wellness, achieving new breakthroughs in the health and beauty sector.

We have already started research efforts to establish the relationship between the skin, body, and mind, and to investigate new, holistic beauty approaches such as diet, sleep, and exercise.

We are also looking closely at social macro trends and changes in consumers' spending habits and behavior, and we will develop new, valuable insights to create products that surprise and impress consumers and deliver solutions with cutting-edge digital technologies.

in-cosmetics Korea is taking place from 12-14 July 2023 at the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea.

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