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OQEMA Enters Distribution Partnership with CHEMADA for Specialty Chemicals

Published on 2020-04-06. Edited By : SpecialChem

OQEMA_CHEMADAThe OQEMA Group has entered into an exclusive agency and distribution partnership with CHEMADA. CHEMADA Industries Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers that focus on the research, development and production of fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical, agricultural and specialty chemicals industries.

OQEMA Appointed as European Distributor

The OQEMA Group will act as a European agent and distributor for the full range of CHEMADA’s high-quality brominated intermediates and brominating reagents and also provide custom manufacturing based on other technologies to the Benelux countries, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, the Baltic countries, Italy and Hungary.

As a leading distributor of specialty products in 21 European countries, the intermediate business of CHEMADA represents a strong addition to our portfolio. As the OQEMA Group continues to build a wider chemical intermediate range, we are increasingly focused on bringing the leaders and innovators with a strong brand and market reputation into key areas of our portfolio,” commented Dr James Berwick, group director of Specialty Chemicals, OQEMA AG.

To Utilize OQEMA’s Market Presence

Both the OQEMA Group and CHEMADA share the common values of reliability, simplicity and agility. Both companies place significant emphasis on putting the customer first by empowering their workforce and supporting the enthusiastic spirit of their people. CHEMADA is especially keen on the OQEMA Group’s market presence and the expertise of their teams.

We look forward to this new agency and distribution partnership with the OQEMA Group. OQEMA’s strong market and application experience, i.e. in the life-science and technical industries, and its proven performance as a value creator in the distribution markets, combined with its willingness and capability to represent the complete CHEMADA product range, are a good guarantee for a successful collaboration,” said Eyal Azulay, CEO of CHEMADA Industries Ltd.

Source: OQEMA
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