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in-cosmetics Korea Announces Details of Its Full Show

Published on 2023-06-02. Edited By : SpecialChem

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in-cosmetics Korea Announces Details of Its Full Show The organizers of in-cosmetics Korea, the only exhibition dedicated to personal care ingredients in South Korea, have unveiled its full show program featuring some of the most prominent figures and brands in the industry.

Set to be the biggest and most international yet, this year’s show touches on each corner of the supply chain through its comprehensive schedule of speaker sessions, seminars, and workshops.

Polish Up on Market Trends

Returning this year and headlined by industry leaders Shiseido, Mintel Japan, and Euromonitor, the highly anticipated Marketing Trends and Regulations Seminars take an exclusive deep dive into the industry’s most pressing trends, with specialist presentations covering regulation and legislation and expert analyses of trend reports and predictions. Aimed at “celebrating excellence” in the field of ingredient innovation, the seminar program offers attendees the finest education in the latest science and wider market trends.

In line with the show’s specific country focus on Japan, Mintel Japan will present Japanese beauty trends 2023, examining the country’s latest market, consumer, and product trends in color cosmetics, skin care, and hair care. Meanwhile, Cosmetics Design Asia will discuss the ‘Skinification of hair care’, honing in on consumers’ recent focus on scalp care and the formulations blossoming in the industry.

Cosmetics Design Asia will be joined by Mary Grace Cosmetics, Sequential Skin, and Chung-Ang University for a panel discussion on Upgrading skin and scalp care via the microbiome, which is cumulating significant attention from scientists in immunology, skincare, reproductive health, and more.

Discovering Solutions

Attendees will be introduced to new personal care ingredients and solutions for their projects in real-time at a series of Technical Seminars delivered by the likes of SEIWA KASEI, Nikkol Group Co., Mineed Technology, and more. Specially curated to enhance attendees’ knowledge of personal care ingredients, technologies, and formulation techniques, the program offers a comprehensive overview of the prominent trends in the industry today.

With younger consumers demonstrating a pro-active approach towards skin aging, incorporating high-performance actives into their regimens, a key industry focus is now on protecting and restoring damaged skin barriers. Nikkol Chemicals will discuss a new grade of phospholipid upcycled from the waste of soybean oil which can regulate epidermal differentiation and balance neuron-related proteins that alleviate hypersensitivity.

Meanwhile, with peptides emerging as a prominent curative modality for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, Mineed Technology demonstrates the power of microneedles to restimulate collagen production and heal wrinkled skin in its Transdermal delivery of anti-aging peptides through 30-s detachable microneedles seminar. SEIWA KASEI will lead the introduction of PhytoCuticle™-biomimetic ingredient designed by hair cuticle focusing on ‘biomimetics’ as technology plays an increasingly important role in cosmetics.

Digital Emergence of K-Beauty

Korea’s beauty and skin care history is vast, but thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, it has gained popularity in the West and beyond. Best known for its extensive 10-12-step beauty routines, Korean products, and techniques have taken the world by storm as more consumers adopt lavish routines as they strive for perfect skin.

Since 2019, the K-Beauty Inspiration Zone, in partnership with Mintel, has been an iconic and vital part of the show where researchers and suppliers can get unique, exclusive insights into the country’s ingredients and formulations. Specially curated sessions from exhibitors demonstrating their formulations in a realistic lab setting will run throughout the entirety of the show, providing an interactive way to learn directly from the experts driving future K-Beauty trends.

Dale Deugcheon Han, founder of Limese which distributes Korean beauty products across India, will be hosting a session on performance and perceptions of K-Beauty in India, the relationship between the two markets, and predictions on future trends. Over at the Zone’s product showcase stand, the top 20 K-Beauty products will be carefully selected, analyzed, and displayed free for attendees to test and try before they hit the market.

Sarah Gibson, exhibition director, in-cosmetics Korea, said, “This year’s program is reflective of the state of the industry: blossoming in innovation and creativity. With a full schedule of seminars, panels, and speaker sessions from some of the biggest names in the industry and other pioneering experts, attendees of the show can expect to leave well-equipped with new knowledge, solutions, and techniques. We look forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors alike to what we anticipate will be the most international, diverse, and exciting show to date.”

in-cosmetics Korea will take place from 12-14 July 2023 at the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea.

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