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Cosphatec Appoints Natural and Sustainable Raw Materials Distributor in Canada

Published on 2020-09-16. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Cosphatec_Appoints_AndicorCosphatec announces new partnership with Andicor Specialty Chemicals as an exclusive distributor in Canada for natural and sustainable raw materials in personal care.

Partnership to Expand Natural Products Portfolio

With Andicor as one of the industry leaders in the sales and distribution of specialty chemicals across Canada, Cosphatec aims to expand the portfolio of natural products and pass on the expertise and level of service quality in Canadian region.

Cosphatec is continuously expanding the distributor network so any client in every market will not only have easily access to the products but also have a local contact to support them.

Cosphatec is convinced that natural alternatives, which guarantee microbial and antioxidative stability as well as stability for emulsions and viscosity, will determine the market in the future. The company strives to replace all synthetic or questionable cosmetic ingredients with natural alternatives.

Source: Cosphatec
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