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The sun care market (sun protection, self-tan and after sun) is strongly driven by health issues, due to skin damage made by prolonged sun exposure. Consumers are looking for water resistant high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreen exhibiting appropriate cosmetics sensorial properties like anti-aging & firming properties and texture. Formulators must be very imaginative to use organic and inorganic UV filters (UVA/UVB) in order to produce secure sun care products.

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Jan 30, 2006 | Product News

Hydron Technologies Awarded U.S. Patent for Self-Adjusting Cosmeceutical Delivery System

Hydron Technologies, Inc. announced that it was granted U.S. Patent Number 6,984,391 for its Compositions and Method for Delivery of Skin Cosmeceuticals...

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Jan 11, 2006 | Article

Here Comes the Sun

By Melanie Henson

Last year, Happi reported a downward trend in sun care sales for 2003 despite heavy marketing efforts and UV-education initiatives. That's all in the past now-suntan product sales increased 2.3% to...

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Julian Hewitt

Wednesday Oct 4, 2017

By Julian Hewitt

Overcome the challenges related to the formulation of natural sun protection products by reviewing all the important factors to consider (ingredients you can use, certifications...)Julian...

Eric Abrutyn

Thursday May 10, 2018

By Eric Abrutyn

Save on Costly Ingredients with a Better Use of Controlled Release Technology. Join this course and review the various solutions available (Encapsulation, Liposomes, Starch Matrix...), when to...

Julian Hewitt

Wednesday Apr 11, 2018

By Julian Hewitt

Meet faster your high SPF targets with good UVA rating by learning how to better optimize all aspects of formulation (it’s far more than just a question of UV filters selection & loading!)  Julian...

Jan 30, 2006 | Industry News

Successful start-up of new world scale plant for Uvinul® A Plus

A new world scale plant for the manufacture of Uvinul® A Plus, an innovative UVA filter, has been started up successfully at BASF’s site in Ludwigshafen, Germany...

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Jan 9, 2006 | Industry News

BASF to increase prices for all cosmetic polymers in North America

Effective February 1, BASF will increase prices for all cosmetic polymers in North America by 10 percent, as contracts allow. Affected products are all grades of Luviflex®, Luviform®, Luvimer®...

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Mark Chandler

Wednesday Nov 8, 2017

By Mark Chandler

Achieve desired effect in your skin care cosmetics at lower cost by improving delivery of active ingredients to skin. Mark Chandler will help you avoid costly trials & achieve greater performance at...

Julian Hewitt

Wednesday Jun 13, 2018

By Julian Hewitt

Meet SPF / UVA regulatory requirements faster by optimizing your testing strategy (avoid running expensive tests until it is really needed and interpret test results better). Julian Hewitt will...

Request For Proposal

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A SpecialChem Client is seeking materials or technologies that can produce a pleasant sensory experience, such as superior smoothness and softness, when delivered from a skin care product...

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