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The sense of 'microbiome skincare'

Clr berlin
This is a Past Webinar
The use of ingredients of microbial origin in skincare and skincare addressing the skin's microbiome are enjoying rapid growth. Often, active ingredients of microbial origin are used to address the skin microbiome, stabilizing or improving the immensely complex flora living on our skin. CLR Berlin has a long history of developing and producing active ingredients based on probiotic bacteria for skincare.

Understanding the symbiosis between our skin and its resident microbes stands at the basis of the development of relevant and appealing 'microbiome skincare'. This webinar will go into depth on both the scientific and marketing aspects of this strongly growing category and how making use of lysates of probiotic bacteria is beneficial for scientifically sound skincare products which appeal to the consumer, being effective, sustainable, natural and safe.
Harald Van Hoeven Presented By:
Harald Van Der Hoeven

Length: 45 min

Why should you view this webinar?

The goal of this webinar is to give objective information on what 'microbiome skincare' is all about. This webinar will provide you with tools to develop effective products addressing the skin microbiome which will satisfy the increasingly demanding consumer without compromises.

The regulatory situation will also be addressed, i.e. which claims can be made and what proof needs to be provided.

Who should view this webinar?

- R&D personnel
- Regulatory personnel
- Marketers
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Harald Van Der Hoeven R&D and Technical Marketing Director - CLR Berlin

Harald Van Hoeven

Harald van der Hoeven started to work in personal care in 1999 where he specialized on R&D and formulating of skin care cosmetics.

In 2006 Harald joined CLR in Berlin and took over as Director R&D. Since May 2013 he is Technical Marketing Director at CLR, involved in both R&D and technical and scientific support of CLR's customers.

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