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Nature-derived multifunctional ingredients for self-preserved cosmetics

This is a Past Webinar
Safe and natural cosmetics are trending. The growing interest by consumers makes personal care formulators look progressively after bio-based and sustainable ingredients. In addition, harsh preservative systems became out of fashion. Today’s modern formulations are intrinsically safe thanks to multifunctional ingredients with anti-microbial properties.

In this webinar, you will learn how bio-ingredients developed under green chemistry principles can help to cope with the new market demands and customer focus. Applications of several nature-based multifunctional ingredients will be shown.

Markus Nahrwold Presented By:
Markus Nahrwold

Length: 51 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Through this webinar you can learn about the uses and properties of bio-based ingredients and solutions to protect formulations.

The presenting company Minasolve is most well known for its nature-based variant of the multifunctional ingredient "Pentylene Glycol", which they introduced in 2014 (trade name: Pentiol Green+). This product is made from sugar cane bagasse and corncob waste. In addition to its skin-moisturizing and skin-conditioning properties, Pentiol Green+ also has a broad antimicrobial effect. By combining Pentiol Green+ with other nature-based ingredients in our blends, particularly mild products are obtained, and cost-effectiveness is enhanced at the same time.

Who should view this webinar?

R&D personnel such as:
- formulators who are interested in nature-based and self-preserved
- technical and marketing experts
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Markus Nahrwold Technical Director - Minasolve

Markus Nahrwold Mr. Nahrwold holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Bielefeld University, where he worked on the synthesis of novel anti-cancer agents. He joined the Minafin group in Leuna/Germany as process development chemist in 2009, and he became the head of R&D at Minasolve in 2013. Mr. Nahrwolds is now technical director at Minasolve since 2017, where he mainly deals with product development, production management and regulatory affairs. He is the author of 5 patent applications and a collection of journal articles dealing with synthetic organic chemistry and ingredients for personal care applications. One major focus of his recent work are safe solutions for product preservation and sustainably produced cosmetic ingredients.

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