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Learn how to enhance your brand recognition with True Sustainability

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Wednesday May 26, 2021

Today more than ever, the cosmetics industry is driven by the duality that the modern world faces. On the one hand, the industry is developing at an incredible speed with the increase in the number of cosmetic brands and products. On the other hand, we witness an important transformation of consumption patterns resulting in rapid growth in sales of natural, organic and “clean” (responsible) products. In the midst of this situation, we observe that consumers play an essential role in the development of the global cosmetic industry and operating brands. And what they are looking for nowadays is much more than just a product.

Over and above the pursuit of a high-quality product, consumers want to give a meaningful purpose to their consumption - they are increasingly concerned with product claims and certifications. In fact, consumers are looking for transparent products allowing them to have an impactful buying and consumer experience, and for responsible brands to engage in a brand/consumer relationship.

Sustainability is no more just a key challenge for the cosmetics industry, but also a real disruptive element, which resonates with new consumer behaviors and considerations toward a more responsible lifestyle.

Beyond a simple webinar, OLVEA will take you to the heart of its shea butter supply chain in Burkina Faso. Focusing on our flagship product, TrueShea™ , we will demonstrate how natural and sustainable claims can help brands leverage these positive aspects and benefits for their products.

Melissa NAISH Presented By:
Melissa NAISH
Emmanuel PETIOT
Christophe GODARD

Length: 40 min

May 26, 2021
10:10 a.m. (New York City)
4:10 p.m. (Paris)
7:40 p.m. (New Delhi)

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Why should you attend?

In this webinar, you will learn…
  • How can sustainability enhance the consumer experience of a product?
  • How does the transparency and traceability of a product meet the criteria of clean beauty and new consumption trends?
  • How formulating with TrueShea™ will help you support natural and sustainable claims of your product?

Who should attend?

  • Formulators
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • R&D Managers
  • Product Development Leaders
  • Technical Managers
  • Sustainability and Regulatory Managers

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Melissa NAISH Product Leader/Head of Sales Management - OLVEA Vegetable Oils

Melissa NAISH Melissa is Product Manager for Specialty and Organic Oils: she is responsible for their development and promotion. Supply chain management is an important part of Melissa's role, as she is also dedicated to developing the organic and fair trade aspects of OLVEA's activities.

Emmanuel PETIOT General Manager - OLVEA Vegetable Oils

Emmanuel PETIOT Resilient leader, Emmanuel has had a multifaceted international career, moving from sales and marketing to general management. With a passion for strategy setting, customer interfacing and developing associated strong value generation in competitive fast-paced environments, Emmanuel is an active force for driving innovation and sustainability issues.

Heather NAEF-OWEN Sales & Business Management Developer - OLVEA USA

Heather NAEF-OWEN With more than 25 years of expertise in the cosmetic and personal care industries, Heather recently joined OLVEA, bringing her extensive knowledge of the cosmetic market and trends, ingredient expertise, product development and manufacturing experience.

Christophe GODARD CSR and Sustainable Development Manager - OLVEA Group

Christophe GODARD With over 15 years of experience in developing organic and fair trade value chains around the world (mainly in Africa, Asia and Europe), Christophe is an expert in sustainable sourcing matters. He is used to working with sustainable standards, certification schemes and partnership approaches. He worked for 10 years in West Africa and 4 years in South East Asia.

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