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Film Formers: Fundamentals for Cosmetics Formulators

This is a Past Webinar

Do you know all you need to know about Film Formers?

When developing long-wear products, cosmetic formulators need film forming ingredients that can meet varying water and smudge resistance, transfer resistance or hour claims for specific applications. These applications could include color cosmetics such as liquid makeup or mascara; hair care products such as hair spray or gel; and sun care products like sunscreen creams, lotions, and sprays.

Register to attend this webinar to learn more about why you need film formers and how to use them effectively.

The most common types of film formers (including new options!) will be presented as well as an explanation of how their differentiating properties impact cosmetics’ performance. Hear how the latest industry trends towards natural content and more certifications are changing the way formulators need to work today. You will also see example formulations for various long-wear products and the performance and benefits attained by incorporating AQ polymers from Eastman.

Marcie Natale Presented By:
Marcie Natale

Length: 43 min

Why should you view this webinar?

In this webinar, you will learn… 
  • Film formers and their typical characteristics
  • Different types of film formers including new options
  • Which properties of film formers impact performance
  • Latest industry trends towards natural and regulations
  • Example formulations and related performance

Who should view this webinar?

  • Cosmetics formulators
  • Technical R&D Managers
  • Marketing Managers
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Marcie Natale Personal Care Global Market Development Manager - Eastman Chemical Company

Marcie Natale Marcie Natale was recruited by Eastman Chemical Company to lead the development teams in the personal care segment in 2006. Today, she is the Eastman Personal Care Global Market Development Manager. Marcie is a recipient of the 2009 EPA Presidential Award for Green Chemistry in the category of Greener Synthetic Pathways. She continues to develop commercial products with a focus on surfactant by using green chemistry and sustainability principles.

Marcie graduated from Millersville University with a BS in Biochemistry and she received her MBA in International Business from Temple. Marcie began her career at Henkel Corporate Research in the organic synthesis department focusing on defoamers, associative thickeners, and emulsion polymerization of green surfactants. In 2001, Marcie joined Cognis Corporation to focus on technical marketing, with an emphasis on green and sulfate free surfactants and additives for shampoos & body care.

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