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Surface Treatment: How to Replace Chromic Acid

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Who Should Watch this Video Tutorial:

This video tutorial is suited for plastic professionals using chromic sulfuric acid to achieve wettability that is stable for months or even years.


How You Will Benefit:

The solution presented is often forgotten when looking for potential chrome etch alternatives, so we want to share it with you because you can:

  • Achieve your long term wettability targets
  • Make savings on top of working with a safer alternative

After checking the validity of this alternative surface treatment, you will get a step-by-step action plan to start your own project with it.

Author : Volker Bucher

Volker Bucher

Professor Dr. Volker Bucher is an expert in plasma coatings. 

He worked for quite a while as a product manager for plasma deposition machines and plasma job coating where he was in deep contact with the industry. Thanks to these experiences, he has a profound knowledge of the actual plasma demands in industrial applications.

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