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Oct 17, 2012 | Article

Cosmetic Devices: Facial Care - Part One

By Nancy Jeffries

While consumers continue to investigate the latest treatments for anti-aging skin care, both topical and surgical, the market is seeing a fresh wave of technology-driven cosmetic devices and...

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Oct 27, 2010 | Article

Imido-percarboxylic Acid Derivatives as Desquamating Agent

The epidermis consists of several strata of cells, of which the deepest is the basal stratum consisting of undifferentiated cells. Over the course of time, these cells will differentiate and migrate...

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Sep 2, 2009 | Article

Cosmeceuticals’ Beautiful Syncretism

By Nancy Jeffries

The Sixth Annual Cosmeceuticals Conference was held on June 29 and 30, at the Downtown Conference Center of Pace University, in New York City. Program Chair, Navin Geria, Vice President, Research...

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Nov 24, 2006 | Article

'Borderline' Products

By Marie-Claude Martini

Legislation in the field of so-called 'borderline' products is completely different in Europe than in the USA. In Europe there is no OTC category for cosmetics. Only two categories of product exist...

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Sep 6, 2006 | Article

Current Skincare Claims

By Karen Young

This article will explore some of the current claims in the cosmetic industry, as part of the never-ending quest for perfect skin. No surprise, the main focus is the broad category of anti-aging...

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Sep 14, 2011 | Article

Seeing the Difference with Anti-aging Eye Care

By Nancy Jeffries

Latest anti-aging products on the market today address not only facial skin, but the delicate area around the eyes that has borne the signs of stress and fatigue over time. Dark circles, puffiness...

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Sep 29, 2010 | Article

The Eyes Have It

By Nancy Jeffries

Eye makeup and treatment products are strong performers in today's burgeoning eye care market. Enhanced lashes, featuring lash growth and volumizing formulations, and the reduction of fine lines...

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Jul 13, 2007 | Article

How sleep affects our skin

By Lori Stryker

Sleep is a "natural, temporary loss of consciousness" (Robinson, 1941) necessary for our bodies to build up energy reserves and regenerate body cells and tissues. During sleep, the heart beats more...

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Oct 19, 2006 | Article

Nanotechnology in Cosmetic Applications-Part 2

By Nancy Jeffries

According to prevailing trends in anti-aging treatments, consumers are more apt to try topical alternatives first, rather than invasive procedures. This accounts for a growing interest in and...

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Nov 2, 2005 | Article

Special Delivery

By Ava Caridad

Yves Saint Laurent's YSL Beauté has developed two new delivery systems to enhance their skin care products. The Cyto-Regenerating complex is composed of ganoderma lucidum extract and oligo-peptides...

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