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With the colour and scent of peach flower, this soft and luxurious cream contains Phytessence™ Peach Flower, an extract that fights against oxidative stress induced by atmospheric pollution. The...


Crodarom® Elfe Flower An extract with an iconic image and an emblematic name A flower as elegant and refined as an elfe Image of longevity and perfect beauty An active composition...

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This fluffy textured formulation created using ViscOptima™ SE looks like a cloud, yet transforms in to a light moisturising cream when applied to the skin. Meeting the current Pollution Protection...


A sophisticated morning moisturizer that provides all-day protection against UV and visible blue light surrounding us 24/7. Apply the lightweight texture all over the face, neck and décolleté to...

Mar 5, 2014 | Article

Whitening Agent, Anti-aging Agent and Antioxidant Agent

The present inventors have performed extensive studies taking the above circumstances into account, and as a result, have found that there is a superior skin whitening activity and antioxidation...

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Sep 21, 2016 | Article

Innovative Multifunctional Ingredients Aid Cost Reduction

Consumers’ extremely hectic and time-crunched lifestyles lead them to simplify their daily beauty routines, making multipurpose products grow in popularity as they offer several benefits at once...

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All natural oils have varying resistance to oxidation that depends on chemical structure, antioxidant content as well as processing and storage conditions. This report compares the Oxidative...


Let's discover our new range named ‘Les Délices’ to live a multisensory experience! Eye-catching colour Charming sweet smell Astonishing taste Surprisingly soft touch...

Mar 19, 2014 | Article

Treatment of Inflammatory and Infectious Skin Disorders

The present invention relates to a composition comprising a pharmaceutically effective amount of resveratrol and/or derivative(s) thereof and/or functionally related compound(s) alone or in various...

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Jun 12, 2013 | Article

Antioxidant Composition

The authors of the present invention have found that the combination of galactomannan and N-acetyl cysteine provides a synergistic effect in the antioxidant capacity of both components, which...

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