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Nutricoll: Purest Collagen
In Nutricosmetic Market

Brochure | Supplied by Chitinor (Seagarden)

Marine collagen peptide are becoming more popular due to their positive effects and fewer consumer reservations compared to mammal-derived ingredients. The use of orally-ingested collagen peptides as a beauty supplement is growing rapidly in global market.

The high content of the amino acids glycine, proline and hydroxyproline stimulate cell growth and repair in the skin, bonnes and connective tissues.

A clinical-dermatological application test with hydration determination on 20 women aged 40-55 showed great results. Nutricoll Marine Collagen was very tolerated and led to significant increase in skin moisture (p<0.001) after 8 weeks of ingestion. The average improvement in facial skin moisture after 8 weeks was 34.8%.

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In Nutricosmetic Market"

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