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The material selection platform
Cosmetics Ingredients

Penetration Enhancement with sustainable Neosolue™-Aqulio Amphiphilic Ester

Brochure | Supplied by NIPPON FINE CHEMICAL

Neosolue™-Aqulio is a liquid ester with a light texture. NOI (ISO16128) is 0.658. Non-GMO, vegan products and CSAR available.

    Key features include:
  • Increases the penetration of water-soluble active ingredients into the skin and hair
  • Penetration of water-soluble ingredients into the epidermis increases 60 times in 6 hours
  • Enhances penetration and brightening effect of active ingredients such as 3-O-ethylascorbic acid
  • Excellent affinity with skin and increases the moisture content of skin
  • Reduces the stickiness and greasiness of polyols and oils

Therefore, it can be used in various formulations such as skin care and hair care.

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