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in-cosmetics Korea 2018 Review - Innovation in Materials & Trends!

Belinda Carli – Jun 22, 2018

Innovative Products and Trends at in-cosmetics Korea 2018K-Beauty has been at the forefront of trending and innovative product launches for a few years now, so it should come as little surprise that day 1 of the in-cosmetics Korea event was attended by 27% international visitors! Exhibitors were also multi-national, coming from as far afield as USA, Morocco, and Brazil. For these international visitors and exhibitors, in-cosmetics Korea 2018 certainly did not disappoint.

With 26 innovation zone entries, a 28% increase in exhibitors (including 55 NEW exhibitors), its first-ever formulation lab and 30 entries in their Best Formulation competition, it certainly was the place to be, to see what’s hot and trending right now.

So, what were the stand out materials and trends that could be found at this year’s show? Here are my top picks:

The Top 8 Materials and Trends Seen!

#1. Extracts and Actives from Local Sources

in Korea, the obvious choice is Jeju Island. But, this is a trend we are seeing worldwide – materials sourced locally to the region in which the product will be sold. Extracts for efficacy has always been a popular choice, because of the strong yet consistent growth of going ‘natural’. Now, it’s the locally sourced materials that are the winners specific to a region. Plant extracts were also carrying a sustainability message, while some ‘gave back’ to a remote community.

#2. Sensitive Skin Actives and Formulations

As many as 37-50% of women from all ethnicities consider themselves to have sensitive skin; so it’s no wonder that Cica creams have become the next ‘big thing’. There were multiple launches at the show, as well as existing ingredients, being highlighted for their suitability in sensitive skin products.

When developing your next product concepts or formulations, consider including at least 1 material that can support the ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ message to capture this portion of the market.

#3. Protection is Important

Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics Korea 2018Whether it is protection from UV, anti-pollution, blue light or stress, it was obvious this was a rapidly growing trend for personal care. There was a rise in products making these claims; as well as emphasizing their benefits to reinstate or enhance the barrier protective benefits of the skin.

Launches in the innovation zone particularly suited to this sector included:

 − PolluxCD (InCosPharm)
 − Arctalis™ (LipoTrue), and
 − SeaStem™ biofunctional (Ashland)

#4. Pore and Blackhead Reducing

This was a major trend of finished products in the shopping malls as well as raw materials around the show. Is it time you added one of these products to your range? Look for the latest launches to minimize pores and provide effective cleansing of blackheads.

#5. Fast Formulation Solutions

Fast Formulation Solutions at in-cosmetics Korea 2018Get it to market first, get it to market fast! There were multiple ‘fast formulation solutions’ available from the show that extended beyond the synthetic polymeric emulsifiers we’ve seen in the past.

At this show, there were natural emulsifying-blend solutions that have been designed to make formulating fast and reliable. Not only do these materials focus on simplifying the process, they also enable the creation of stable, elegant and natural emulsions rapidly with skin barrier boosting properties – all from the one blended material!

Check out:

 − Jeesperse® OptiDerm-NCS (Jeen)
 − Emulsun® (Floratech)
 − SLM 2038 (Lipoid Kosmetik), and

#6. Liposomal Delivery

In-cosmetics Korea 2018 showcased this technology with a Formulation Lab presenting:

 − Pro-Lipo™ Neo (IFF Lucas Meyer)
 − Newly launched Natipide® Eco (Lipoid Kosmetik), and
 − Liposome Film – Cellulose + α (H&A Pharmachem)

It’s clear that ensuring and enhancing delivery of actives is key to getting the best possible results from products!

#7. Hairceuticals Show Growth

In the innovation zone, GREYVERSE™ (IFF Lucas Meyer) provided an innovative ‘anti-aging’ concept by working to reverse the 2 signs of hair aging: greying and hair fall.

#8. Skin Micobiome Still Important

Two launches in the innovation zone focused on balancing the skin microbiome: Equibiome™ (Seppic) and Ecobiotys® (Silab).

 » Continue reading to explore the new and interesting product forms at the event! 

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