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Water in Cosmetics

SpecialChem / Jun 27, 2006

During the summer season, water is omnipresent in all cosmetic products.This water can come from different origins such as the sea, thermal sources, and flower or plants waters.

Water is first claimed for freshness, obtained through different jelly textures that are as transparent as possible and that vehicle many active ingredients. For example, hydro soluble classical agents (glycerol, sorbitol, aquaporin…), or thanks to new technologies more sophisticated liposoluble active ingredients (ceramides, sphingolipides, vitamins and plant extracts).

Water from the sea and its well known benefits are recognised and used in recently launched products, but also its many treasures such as algae, mineral salt, pearl proteins...

The origin of sea water is important. The Dead Sea and its high concentration of mineral salts have proved to be a source of health and beauty since biblical times. It is known to possess properties that heal skin ailments such as: eczema, acne and psoriasis.

For example, in Canada, one can find "Dead Sea Black Mud" sold in pockets by FOUF. It claims to be taken from the lowest spot on earth which contains "26 minerals and trace elements". The manufacturer claims that indulging in this mud will "enhance bathing with healthy, mineralizing, revitalizing, energizing, detoxifying and stimulating properties for the body and soul".

Last May, AHAVA an Israelian Cosmetic company specialized in Deep Sea skin care products launched worldwide an exclusive Dead Sea Line for Men, which is said to be uniquely formulated with mineral-rich ingredients harvested from the Dead Sea region and gingko & ginseng plant extracts. "They detoxify, nourish, moisturise and revitalize the skin, and leave the face smooth, clean, calm and refreshed."

Or, as proposed in the shower gel "Thai Massage" from UNILEVER's Axe range, the maris sal content comes from Bali.In Asia, the benefits from Japanese nigari deep sea water are claimed by JA CHANG in its skin care brand "Kawae".

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