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Tweens and Teens Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

SpecialChem / Vispi Kanga – Dec 4, 2006

Tweens and Teens want to learn how to care for their skin. They are looking for real skincare; not the kid's stuff they have used in the past. They are also looking for products that smell good and make them feel good in order to care for their skin. Trend toward natural ingredients is prominent in this category. Some marketers have been delivering natural products to public for decades. The ongoing success of J& J's Aveeno brand is a good illustration of that fact. All of the products included for the Tween market are more than 95% natural, safe to use on sensitive skin, non-allergenic and not tested on animals. These products are also free of artificial coloring and unnecessary additives, qualities that are important for people of all ages. Any good skin care regimen begins with a good cleanser. Teenagers are also among the biggest consumers of moisturizing body washes, but it has to have a terrific scent. Bath & Body Works introduced a new line - American Girl "RealBeauty Inside & OutTM for girls who know real beauty comes from feeling your best".

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