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Trend Forecasting, Just Another Marketing Technique ?

SpecialChem / Apr 4, 2006

Since the early Fifties, long before mankind started "hunting cool", Parisian "bureaux de style" gathered and presented fashion trend information to industrial manufacturers. It all started when an early form of this kind of consulting was imported from the US as a (pragmatic) marketing technique used to 'streamline' buying, manufacturing and merchandising policies for mass distribution via department stores. Before that, in the Forties, French stylists had already been consulting textile manufacturers. Once it arrived in Europe, the American marketing method was strongly reinterpreted and adapted. Adopted by these French 'bureaux de style' that were at the heart of Paris' fashion pulse, it became a much more artistic and stylistic approach based on emotions and intuition. The growing importance of this activity for industrial manufacturers (mainly textile, fashion and accessories in those days) probably also brought critical reaction from a number of them. Why red? Why more shiny? Intuition? Emotion?.

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