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Treatments for Acne

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Sep 28, 2007

There are various skin ailments that people worry about. There is contact dermatitis, skin irritation from allergic reactions to foods or cosmetics, and probably the most hideous of them all, acne. Acne manifests itself usually with on set of puberty and can continue onward in years until it is outgrown. In rare cases it sometimes doesn't entirely go away and remain to bother people well after their teen years. The most common form of acne is acne vulgaris. The main symptom of acne vulgaris is the abnormal accumulation of keratin, the protein that makes up the dead layers of the skin. Keratin is retained within the hair follicle, resulting in a plugging up of the follicle. These keratin plugs become the whiteheads and blackheads known as comedones. A bacterium called Propiobacterium acnes digests the oil inside these comedones and releases highly inflammatory waste products into the surrounding skin. This infection gives rise to comedones or blackheads, inflammatory pimples, pustules, and cysts.

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