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The material selection platform
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Treatment Ingredients in Makeup and Decorative Cosmetics

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Aug 19, 2009

The use of treatment ingredients in makeup and other decorative cosmetics has become more prevalent in recent times. But what do we consider treatment ingredients? On many occasions I have been asked to formulate color cosmetic products with claims that come straight from the treatment side of the business. While it may be viable for some companies, it very well could interfere with the marketing strategy of others. Smaller companies can do this due to their limited product lines and distribution channels. Larger companies on the other hand cannot afford to do this as it may possibly interfere with products they already have on the market. Why would a consumer purchase one makeup product that contains treatment actives instead of two products, a treatment product with the same active ingredients and benefits, and a conventional makeup product be it a foundation or other color cosmetic product? This is a direct conflict within that company’s business or marketing strategy...

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