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The Use of Natural Ingredients Cosmetic Applications

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Sep 5, 2006

The latest trend in the cosmetics industry involves the use of natural ingredients to make "all natural" product claims. Natural Ingredients are those that of animal, mineral, and plant or vegetable sources. Animal derived ingredients, although some of which are frowned upon by consumers as well as some activist groups, can come from human, wildlife or sea organisms. An example of a human sourced ingredient is placenta extract. From wildlife we get beeswax and the color carmine. From the sea we get fish derived ingredients such as cod liver oil, and guanine, a pearlescent material from fish scales. Although all these ingredients are of natural origin, animal derived ingredients are very limited and their use is specialized in specific treatment type and personal care products. Mineral based ingredients can either come from the distillation of petroleum such as mineral oil, petrolatum, ozokerite wax, and long chain hydrocarbons, inorganic colorants such as iron oxides and titanium dioxide, talcs and micas, and a host of other ingredients based on metallic salts which were left behind in the earth for millennia.

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