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The Sun Care Conundrum Part II: Improving Efficacy with Ingredient Innovation

SpecialChem / Nancy Jeffries – Aug 9, 2006

While safety, delivery, aesthetics and marketing are all part of sun care, it is essential to include the supply side of the equation. Innovative formulations and ingredient combinations continue to add value to the transformation of sun care. "Despite growing sales, sun care products still retain a stigma in the minds of some consumers, who may perceive many as sticky or difficult to apply," says Heidi Van Dort, Personal Care Manager, Life Sciences Industry, Dow Corning. "Silicones offer solutions to these aesthetic issues. Known for their effect on the sensory profiles of skin care products, silicones can impart the same light, non-greasy feel to sun care products," says Van Dort. As silicone technology evolves, greater interest has focused on their multifunctional properties and ability to enhance efficacy, in short, to help sun care products work better and last longer. In the newest sun care products and product forms silicones can be used to provide substantivity, sebum control, wash-off resistance and enhanced SPF. The materials also absorb sebum, which if left on the skin surface could disrupt the uniform film of sunscreen.

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