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The Pros and Cons of Alternate Preservative Systems

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Mar 15, 2007

In the United States, all products must be labeled clearly on the product or outer package as mandated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Preservatives must be clearly listed along with the other ingredients on the ingredient label of every product. According to the FDA, preservatives must act as such in a product and preservatives themselves must functionally serve this and no other purpose. The use of alternative preservative systems is both good and not so good in out industry. It is good because there are some ingredients available to formulators that can adequately kill and/or inhibit the growth of microorganisms in a cosmetic product. It is not so good because these ingredients are not preservatives and cannot and should not be listed on the label as such. They cannot be called preservatives.Today's consumer is much more savvy than ever before. They have access to the Internet and can read all they want about cosmetics, the positives and negatives, ingredients, uses, and every other information source that is available.

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