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The material selection platform
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The Product Development Process

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Aug 12, 2009

This article will focus on the product development process and its key attributes Innovation and Creativity. These key elements will be reviewed in more detail and their contributions to the product development process will be examined. Firstly we will look at the major distinguishing factors that describe innovation. Secondly, we will examine the creativity and its different aspects. In order to fully understand what innovation and creativity are we should ask ourselves some simple questions which will be reviewed in the article. Lastly, when combining innovation and creativity something remarkable happens, new ideas develop and theories and feelings come to fruition. The final result of all this hard work and dedication regarding innovation and creativity, is the ultimate target and the goal of every marketing person, research scientist and cosmetics professional, which is a brand new product making its way to the cosmetics counter and the consumer who will ultimately and hopefully love that new product...

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