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The Metrosexual Market

Nick Morante – Jun 17, 2009

Is this really a market segment or a term used to describe people of a specific genre? Well is could be both. But in terms of cosmetics and personal care, it is an important area that is seeing much activity in recent times. When talking about the Metrosexual Male as I will focus on here, we mean men who position themselves as high class and well to do such as famous athletes, media personalities, etc. These men pay very close attention to their appearance and image and that means wearing the latest fashions and buying and using the latest cosmetics and personal care products. If we consider this as a legitimate market segment, it is very much on a global scale - very prominent in large cities and well established markets such as in Europe and continually growing in smaller emerging markets such as in Latin America.For instance in Peru, a fairly large cosmetics market and fifth overall in size in all of Latin America, the major trend is towards personal image and metrosexual fashion...

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