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The material selection platform
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The Importance of Light Diffusing Ingredients in Cosmetics

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Feb 10, 2010

One of the most important properties being utilized in today’s cosmetics is light diffusion. Light diffusion has the ability to hide unwanted skin defects. It is very important when used as an anti-aging property in cosmetic products. Light diffusion ingredients are usually powders and can be significantly easier to use than conventional anti-aging ingredients which may be very expensive, sensitive to temperature, light, ph and even other ingredients. Light diffusing ingredients work by taking light and reflecting it in a direction other than direct line of sight thereby creating the illusion of things not really being there. So they have the ability of “hiding” fine lines and wrinkles not by filling in lines, but by almost making them ‘disappear’. Technology has advanced to the point where common ingredients are layered in such a way that direct light is absorbed and diffused so that unwanted skin features such as fine lines and wrinkles can no longer be seen. Making fine lines go away is a major step in hiding the visual signs of aging...

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