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The material selection platform
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The Future of Active Ingredients in Lip Products

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jan 1, 2008

Whether we refer to a lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner or even a lip pencil, there are ingredients that can be added to these products for which claims can be made to enhance the functionality and positioning of these products. In the old days, which were not so very long ago, the only claims aside from the deposit of vibrant fashionable seasonal colors, were to deliver moisturization and emolliency to keep the lips smooth and healthy looking. And not every lip product had an SPF claim made for it. In today's market the need for claims such as anti-aging, anti-irritant, SPF, and lip plumping for instance are so much more important to maintain market position and increase sales volume. It seems that in some cases color has become secondary. Along with this goes the natural, mineral and organic claims that marketers also want to attach to these products. What was once a very simple formula to put together has become increasingly more difficult now with all these claims being a must in order to maintain market position.

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