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Sunscreen Formulation Principles and Theory

Belinda Carli – Mar 9, 2016

SunscreenSunscreens play a vital role in fighting aging caused due to sun. The consumption of sunscreens has seen a rise since consumers have started understanding the significance of these products.

Formulating a sunscreen product may not be as easy as you might think. There are a lot of aspects taken into consideration. Amongst them the most important thing to remember is that the stability of the formulation and UV results are not always predictable.

In fact, when formulating these types of products, you must use good formulation principles and theory; but the actual product, stability and SPF rating you achieve could be different to what you have anticipated.

Read on and familiarize yourself with :

  • Sunscreen Formulation Principles
  • Safety of Sunscreens
  • Things to Consider while Formulating Sunscreens

5 Comments on "Sunscreen Formulation Principles and Theory"
Sreeparna D May 1, 2018
Great article!
pramod k Jun 2, 2016
a very tecnical and helpful article.
SWADHIN N Apr 29, 2016
Useful Dr.S.Nath
Anna Maria T Apr 26, 2016
A very helpful article on suncare products, indeed. Thankyou.
Anesti N Mar 19, 2016
The article "Sunscreen Formulation Principles and Theory" is very accurate and with practical values. Chemist Eng. Anesti Ndreu JOER ltd Tirana - ALBANIA

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