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SpecialChem / Ava Caridad – Nov 2, 2005

Yves Saint Laurent's YSL Beauté has developed two new delivery systems to enhance their skin care products. The Cyto-Regenerating complex is composed of ganoderma lucidum extract and oligo-peptides. According to Joelle Guesnet, YSL Beauté R&D scientific director and member of the Group of Scientific Interest in Advanced Cosmetology (GISCA), YSL Beauté research has isolated and identified a polysaccharidic fraction of the ganoderma or glucan fraction, which relaunches and stimulates cellular communication. In the cells, glucans stimulate the production of the cellular messengers or cytokines. These restore the cooperation between skin cells, though situated in the dermis and the epidermis, two different compartments of the skin. The ganoderma lucidum has shown a strong regenerating power through an intensified production of cytokines, therefore contributing to the improvement of the skin cells communication and better cutaneous remodelling. YSL Beauté's Temps Majeur Nutri-Crème utilizes hydra-lipidic essence for comfort, cameline oil to soothe and ginkgo biloba to protect skin from free radicals and environmental aggressions.

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