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Skin Lightening – Still on the Rise

Nick Morante – Mar 10, 2010

You might think that skin lightening is a big market in the United States. But just take a look at foreign markets, like Asia for example. The growth of the skin lightening market in Asia is much larger than in the US. There are reasons for this. Much of it has to do with social and economic position of people. In Asia, dark people do not want to be or get any darker. It seems as though white means money and status. This editorial will focus on just how much the women in Asia spend on skin lightening products and why they prefer to do it at all. It will also show that some men also fall into this same category and prefer to have lighter skin.Skin lightening products are still on the rise in many markets. But it seems that markets where there are more dark-skinned people have shown more of the growth. And there are good reasons for this. I did a little searching and found out why. I even had to look through beauty magazines published in foreign markets and found that they way they target their readers was very different than here in the United States...

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