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The material selection platform
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Skin Cleansing with Integrity

Isabelle Afriat – Mar 9, 2016

Skin cleansersSkin cleansers are an important part of the cosmetic regiment, even more so for people who have sensitive or compromised skin, or utilize topical therapies.

Water alone removes approximately 65% of oil and dirt from the skin, but is less effective at removing residual oils from cosmetic products and some environmental insults.

This is where cleansers come into play.

Cleansers emulsify dirt, oil and microorganisms on the skin surface so that they can be easily removed.

Let's understand the composition of skin cleansers, their functioning, the four cleansing types and types of cleansers (soap, liquid cleansers, oils...).

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Warren T Mar 11, 2016
Natural gums make great rheologic modification agents and many also have humectant properties.

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