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Silicones Alternatives for Cosmetics

Belinda Carli – Mar 17, 2017

Silicones Alternatives for CosmeticsSilicones are a popular choice of formulators in non-natural products because of their easy spreadability and non-greasy hydration. They can also be used to lower or increase the viscosity of formulations.

However, some consumers are looking to move away from the use of silicones in personal care products. One of the major reasons could be their negative impact not on humans but on the environment. This is why we see many ‘non-silicone’ alternatives in the formulations, which are ‘green’ or Ecocert certified material.

To stay current with the trend, read on to get a quick overview of some of the interesting silicone alternatives offered by BASF, Seppic, The Innovation Company & more...

4 Comments on "Silicones Alternatives for Cosmetics "
Erik G Jun 1, 2017
Interesting article Belinda. Just on the occlusivity, typically dimethicones provide a "breathable film" on the skin as the bond angles are quite open and flexible. http://www.dowcorning.com/content/publishedlit/01-847-94.pdf http://www.dowcorning.com/content/publishedlit/27-1624-the-beauty-of-silicone-in-skin-care-applications.pdf http://www.dowcorning.com/content/publishedlit/27-1623-silicones-in-beauty-care.pdf ina ddition, silicones are not fully biodegradeable, they do degrade readily in the soil (due to clays and microbes) reverting back to water, carbon dioxide and minerals already found in the earth's crust. http://www.silicones.eu/sustainability-environment/silicones-in-the-environment
Jessie D Mar 19, 2017
Thank you. Our clients insist on silicone free cosmetics. As a formulating Chemist, this information is very useful to me.
Vijay B Mar 19, 2017
Interesting article as always , Belina. Indeed, Emosmart/ Emogreen range of emollients offer an ecofriendly alternative from both perspectives.... biodegradability and VOC Compliance. Some very exciting new formulations have been developed by SEPPIC.
Edna F Mar 17, 2017
Congratulations! It was very useful! Unfortunately some silicone suppliers use names that confuse formulators. In LATAM we love the silicone silk feeling but it is very good to see new alternatives (other chemistry: esthers!) with the same silk feel that help us to better indicate and select raw material to each product development. Thanks a lot!

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