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Santaverde: Interview with Sabine Beer

SpecialChem / Imogen Matthews – Dec 9, 2009

Santaverde is a range of BDIH certified natural skincare, beauty juices and teas, which uses aloe vera as a replacement for water in its formulations. Aloe vera is said to have healing properties and skincaring benefits, such as good moisturisation and reducing inflammation. Santaverde was founded by Sabine Beer and her husband, who manufacture and market their own products.The aloe vera used in Santaverde products is cultivated on the company’s own Finca in Spain, and is organically grown and processed by hand.Santaverde also owns another Finca in north east Brazil where cashew nut fruits are grown for a luxury skincare line called Xingu.Santaverde is currently in the process of Fairtrade certification for its Brazilian crop.Water {aqua} is the first ingredient mentioned on the product packaging of most cosmetic formulations. Not so for Santaverde skincare, where water is replaced by pure aloe vera plant sap, containing nutrients said to be vital to caring for the skin.The story of Santaverde began at the time that Founder, Sabine Beer, was suffering from severe skin problems that no proprietary brand could help. She discovered that fresh plant ingredients helped clear up her skin problems better than any finished products formulated out of water with plant concentrates...

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