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Role of packaging in the cosmetics industry

SpecialChem / Vispi Kanga – Jan 16, 2007

Innovation, constant invention and development of new cosmetic packaging materials will intrinsically affect the types of packages we will see on store shelves, in plastics, glass, metal and paper. Packaging can revive an old product or even create ideas for a new one. It's the packaging that truly tells the story. Looking at packaging materials in a fresh new way will open up new doors for the cosmetic and personal care industry. The function of good packaging at the store level is to lure the customer at the counter and appeal to the consumer's senses and emotions. The reason is that you only have seconds, literally, to grab a customer's attention. At the manufacturing level the packaging machinery for good packaging must be flexible enough to accommodate for frequent and quick format changeovers. Packaging has to tell the story of the product filled inside so that the customer understands what he or she is buying. A good packaging must also be cost-effective, functional and innovative so that the product and the brand can be differentiated from the competition.

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