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The material selection platform
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Revamping the Lipstick Market

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Aug 18, 2010

The use of sticks for various cosmetic applications is very important in delivering various product functions and attributes. In the color and decorative area, stick products, mainly lipsticks, were once thought to be safe from poor economic times and that sales would never be in jeopardy. Well that has changed a little recently. But companies are trying to re-energize that market segment in order to bring back the popularity of these products in hopes that they will be once again hold a stable position within the market. In order to bring back that star position that lipsticks are needed to hold, cosmetics companies are making new claims and adding new ingredients to lipsticks in order to strengthen their position. Sticks were once thought of as plain delivery systems for color to be deposited on the lips with some moisturizing and emollient claims. Now claims for anti-aging, treatment, healing, strong sun protection and all-natural are being made to strengthen that position, even if they may be OTC drugs claims such as sun protection (SPF) or skin protectant (anti-chap). In order to meet these claims, new ingredients must be located and used in order to deliver new and unique functionality...

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