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Products that Change Color with Mood

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Oct 19, 2007

Photochromic pigments change with the amount of UV light or direct sunlight that they are exposed to. They are based on inorganic pigments, or basic Iron Oxides that appear pale pink in masstone. The color change exhibited is mild, to the blue side or to the yellow side depending on the pigment. The mechanism of action for these pigments is the linear arrangement of the pigment particles. When exposed to light they realign and absorb light at specific wavelengths and as a result changing the color of visible light that is reflected. This functionality is totally reversible so the color goes back to its original shade once there is an absence of the external light source. These pigments are permitted in foundations where a certain color is desired for indoors and another color is desired for outdoors. This color difference and change is possible within the same product. This is almost like polarized sunglass lenses that darken when a person goes out into the sunlight. The color shift for most photochromic pigments is between 20 and 50 nanometers.

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