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Product Safety

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Dec 29, 2006

In researching various aspects of the cosmetics industry, one subject that keeps popping up is product safety. This can mean that products are safe as used, are safe as claimed, or are safe as long as they are applied properly. I have come across numerous lists of safety tips and hints that consumers should be aware of for their own safety and well-being. Serious injury from makeup misuse is a very rare occurrence, according to Dr. John Bailey, PhD, director of the FDA's Office of Cosmetics and Colors in Washington, DC. But it does happen. Good common sense and a few precautions can help consumers protect themselves against hazards associated with the misuse of cosmetics. * Never drive and apply makeup. Not only does it make for dangerous driving, but hitting a bump in the road and scratching your eyeball can cause bacteria to contaminate the cut and could result in serious injury, including blindness. I see this all the time. How do people do it ? * Never share makeup even if you know the person. Cross contamination is a very big possibility.

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