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Peptides in Cosmetic and Skin Care Applications

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Feb 8, 2012

Peptides are segments of proteins, which are long chains of amino acids. In the body, peptides regulate the activity of many systems by interacting with various cells and systems. Peptides are thought to have benefits when applied topically to skin for wound healing, skin-barrier repair, or as disinfectants and anti-irritants. They are extremely hydrophilic, or water-loving. Peptides are vulnerable to the presence of enzymes, and are also heat sensitive. However, various peptides are used in many cosmetic products (including color cosmetics) to make claims for skin repair, cell respiration and cell turnover. The Peptides that are used in treatment and personal care products can be natural or synthetic. Just calling them by a name and number (hexapeptide-y, pentapeptide-x, etc.) doesn't really describe their functionality. The latest research is examining how different types of peptides can enter the living membrane of cells and transport biologically active ingredients to these cells. Some of these peptides have demonstrated a remarkable anti-inflammatory effect.

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