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"Pain killers" in cosmetics

SpecialChem / Marie-Claude Martini – Jun 10, 2009

Talking about pain in cosmetics may be stretching things somewhat. We are really considering discomfort due to slightly bothersome practices such as shaving or hair removal, and also due to some skin types over-reacting, i.e. sensitive skin and reactive skin. We can talk about some dermocosmetic products though, that are recommended for adjuvant therapy after cosmetic surgery and contain substances that have varying degrees of analgesic activity. Pain killers for therapeutic topical application are called analgesics or local anesthetics, and these terms are not part of cosmetic vocabulary. When active molecules have recognized pharmacological effects European legislation prohibits them for cosmetic use. Nevertheless, there are alternatives of synthetic or plant origin on the market that have very similar properties to the banned substances.Pain sensation is directly linked to cutaneous innervation. It can only be limited or removed by acting on sensory influx formation or transmission mechanisms...

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