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Oxygen in cosmetics: toxic or beneficial ?

Marie-Claude Martini – May 20, 2009

Many claims have been made about the benefits of oxygen in cosmetics. From creams that are meant to oxygenate skin, to recent hyperbaric oxygen "treatments" recommended by a number of spas and clinics in California, via ozonizers in spa treatments, the belief that using this gas will detoxify the epidermis, asphyxiated by environmental pollution, is proving popular.Oxygen is a gas used therapeutically for anoxia to treat pulmonary edema, respiratory insufficiency, shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, coronary occlusion, and other disorders.Hyperbaric oxygen is most often used to treat decompression accidents linked to professional or recreational diving, or to remove excess nitrogen that accumulates in tissue after necroses or various putrefaction phenomena.In all cases oxygen has intense physiological action: obviously the action is much more marked for inhalation than for skin contact, and though it is indispensable for life, we must not forget that it is a powerful oxidizer that can attack biological molecules and lead to free radical formation...

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