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Nutri-Beauty for Anti-aging and Optimal Health

SpecialChem / Nancy Jeffries – Aug 22, 2012

From berry-rich beverages to gummies chock full of free-radical fighters, Nutri-Beauty has staked its claim in the anti-aging category. Youthful, balanced skin, healthy hair, clear eyes, and the repair and maintenance of bones, cartilage, and teeth, are all part of the targeted effects of the nutri-beauty trend. Vitamins that fight premature aging while promoting cellular renewal, like Vitamin A, tissue strengthening Vitamin C, and the champion of the free radical fighters, Vitamin E, are combining in an array of beverages, powders, gummi candies and nutritional supplement capsules that have one goal in mind, that is to contribute to an overall beauty regimen that begins internally and promotes optimal health, inside and out. The Nutri-Beauty category continues to grow, as mass-market retailers, as well as health food-specific establishments, and high-end skin care proffer a wide range of supplements. Everything from calcium chews for strong bones, healthy teeth and skin, to gummi candies that claim to improve mental focus and provide an energetic glow, and beverages filled with Omega 3 and guanábana (also known as soursop), which supports bone and skin health, mental acuity, and cardiovascular health. The guanábana, a tropical fruit, has been shown to be particularly effective in energizing the cells, and its abundant availability in Colombia and elsewhere in South America, has contributed to its use and further exploration as an effective nutritional supplement for a variety of health concerns.

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