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News on Worldwide Cosmetics Regulations - Focus Russia

Dr. Annelie Struessmann – Dec 1, 2010

In the Russian Federation, regulation of cosmetic products is based on various laws and decrees. The law for Protection of Consumers Rights No. 2300-I from February 1992 in its latest version from November 2009 1 establishes and regulates generally the rights of consumers for safe products and services, for protection of the consumer interests and the implementation of these rights. The law applies to all consumer goods and services, incl. cosmetic products. Since an amendment of the law in December 2004, liability in case of product deficiencies or insufficient information applies as well to importers, similarly as to manufacturers and retailers. The consumer protection law goes further by specifying that the basic requirements for assuring the safety of products in use are defined in appropriate norms, rules, regulations and other documents. The su-pervision for the implementation of these requirements is the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (FATM)2, formerly known as Gosstandard and the supervisory tools include standards (GOST), sanitary rules and norms (SanPiN), etc....

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