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New Beauty Innovations in the Japanese Market

Florence Bernardin – Jul 15, 2019

New Beauty Innovations in the Japanese MarketWe all know Asia is on the forefront of beauty innovation. And this was proved to be true at recently concluded in-cosmetics Korea. The 3-day educational program offered key market insights into Asian beauty trends & opportunities.

Amongst several trends, there is a lot of talk about Japanese beauty (J-beauty) making a comeback. In comparison to Korea (K-beauty), which is a comparatively young & trendy market, Japan is a mature cosmetics market, which is oriented towards high quality products. “Made in Japan” is seen as a guarantee for safe and clean ingredients and formulations.

Highlighting the new beauty innovations originating from the Japanese Market, Florence Bernardin, Asian beauty industry expert, led a session where she discussed a shift towards simplicity, minimalism, natural and organic.

While we see this shift, we also observe a new disruptive movement from product concepts, usages, targets and even retailing.

Based on traditional know-how, technics, crafting and routine, consumers are now discovering new unique products with multi-benefits, new textures and new ways of application enhancing new senses of beauty.

J-Beauty – A Unique Sense of Heritage

With strong link to traditions and know-how, Japan is one of the only Asian country with oldest beauty cosmetics industry & brands. Additionally, it is:

  • One of the only Asian beauty which is associated with some beauty «cliché» image
  • A country with unique sense of perfection that created layering power of cosmetics from cleansing oil to cosmetics water

Japan has a different approach of beauty–a unique sense of perfection

In Japan, the trends and innovation not only focus on prevention but also on emotion i.e.:

  • Caring, protecting is a whole attitude from inside out
  • Application way, textures provide unique sensorial emotion from voluptuous foam to silky delicate powder & fragrances
  • Perfect packages are just dedicated to users including applicators
  • A unique sense of colors connected to traditions & link with nature
  • A way to appeal to different images of femininity from “Otona-poi” to “Kawai”

J-Beauty – A Unique Sense of Heritage

"The Japanese beauty philosophy is very close to healthcare philosophy", says Miyabi Kumagai, Shiseido Brand Manager. Japanese beauty routines believe beauty lies on a healthy skin base.

"Japanese beauty is more about taking the matter in depth with respect and basing the results on scientific research and logic", says Miyabi.

Japan has an intense but emotional approach of science

Japanese beauty products promote the alchemy of ingredient knowledge:

  • From traditional & local of Sakura, Yuzu, rice …
  • Reassuring power of efficacy of collagen, hyaluronic acid, Royal jelly
  • New high-tech active molecules with intense & targeted delivery such as 4MSK, Retinol… for QD formulations

J-beauty is promoting a deep sense of beauty by all aspects including natural ingredients & packaging.

Continue reading to know more about J-beauty trends, how they are answering concerns such as waste less, timeless, uniqueness, well-being & explore what's hot per category in Japanese beauty routine...

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