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Natural vs. organic vs. certified organic In Australia

SpecialChem / Greg Milham – Apr 23, 2008

There is currently a lot of confusion in the cosmetic and natural skin care market with many companies riding on the back of the growing swell of consumer support for organic products. A few years ago we had every manufacturer and marketer screaming "natural"' in fact so much so it was hard to find a brand that did NOT have the word natural on the label. More recently the word "organic" has become the new buzz word and superseded "natural" so the new definition of "natural" became organic for a lot of marketers and again many companies followed suit and began yelling it from the roof tops. But what does it all mean? Well nothing; anyone here in Australia can call themselves natural and organic as there is no body either government or private that polices these label claims. You can buy a product that has over 95% synthetic material and a very small amount of an organic herb and they could still have organic and natural noted all over the label. With claims that organic personal care products are having a record growth it is no wonder so many companies are keen to jump in.

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